Gross Family Environmental Scholarship Fund

The Gross Family Environmental Scholarship is an endowment that was established by Mrs. L. Gayle Gross and Dr. Howard Gross to benefit a qualified ‘native’ rising junior or senior Stockton Student as an intern, under the direction of a Stockton faculty member, to undertake summer research in a variety of environmental areas. (Native refers to a Stockton student who has been at the college since their first year of college). The funds will be awarded to a summer intern with preference to those in environmental areas such as (but not limited to): a. Red Knot migration and habitat studies.

Marine biology of endangered species and environmental impacts. c. Conservation and Reforestation of endangered floral species. To qualify a student must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

L. Gayle Gross and Dr. Howard Gross