Dr.  M. Alysia Mastrangelo

Dr. M. Alysia Mastrangelo

Dr. M. Alysia Mastrangelo established this scholarship in honor of her mother Mary Ann Green Mastrangelo. Mary Ann has been inspiring others to reach their goals and excel in life for most of her own. She strongly believes that everyone can succeed. She believes higher education is the foundation of an individual’s success. Her impact on the world around her is multigenerational. Whether she is teaching art to young people and to special needs adults, storytelling with preschoolers, public speaking on how to motivate seniors to think beyond their comfort zone, or volunteering to help feed and clothe the poor, movement is the key to her success.

The Mary Ann Green Mastrangelo Scholarship provides an annual award to students who are a graduate or undergraduate pursing a degree in Physical Therapy or Studies in the Arts. Recipients are expected to be full time students with a minimum cumulative GPA 3.0.