Car Seat Research 2017 Scholarship

CarSeatResearch is a website dedicated to reviewing child car seats and other safety products. No matter how many requirements consumers have, there are also safety standards and regulations, which change over time and must be met notwithstanding. Our task is to help people get the best car seats, which must also be the safest.Example: Best Infant Car Seat 2017With some of us being former university graduates, we fully understand the value of education and scholarship programsج¢‰âآ‰م¢ importance. We are preparing to launch a $3000 car seat scholarship program of our own for the first time, and we plan to make it annual, provided it will prove fruitful.If you believe you have a creative and innovative mind, you are more than welcome to try. Your participation will be appreciated. Of course, you will have to compete with the other participants to get the chance to receive the award.When it comes to the safety of children, the importance of impeccable design and thorough crash testing is of utmost importance. Market research and reporting are also important. Neither are possible without properly educated staff, and that is what compelled us to establish the scholarship.The soon-to-be annual Car Seat Research Scholarship will be available for the 2017-2018 school year. We hope that we will be able to accomplish very much by providing the scholarship to the most talented people. If you are thinking about participation, you can be proud already, because what you intend to join has one of the noblest causes.We also provide $1,000 and $500 scholarships for the second and third places respectively. While not as much as the full scholarship intended for the winner, even $500 is still an award, which, as we hope, is capable of helping a talented student.With that being said, we must note that only eligible applicants may participate.