Mallorca Properties Scholarship

Our Real Estate Network and attorneys seek to help those in need with their education because this is something we value highly. We clearly understand that college comes with significant expenses and we know how hard it is for many students and their families to cover these when theyج¢‰âآ‰م¢re having a hard time making ends meet as it is. When you consider travel, tuition, housing, food, books and supplies, the cost of going to college and/or graduate school can be astronomical, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars or more. To help make things easier, we are thrilled to offer a one-time $1,500 – جâه£1,500 scholarship opportunity to students currently attending or planning on enrolling in an accredited U.S. or UK college, university or graduate program in the near future. There will be one winner each year.All applicants must write and submit a 600+ word essay on what you learned from your parents about personal finances.You can write about topics having to do with making money, budgeting, paying bills, saving money, investing, the pros and cons of investing in real estate or anything else your parents may have taught you about managing your money.