Find Cosmetic Surgeons Medical Scholarship

At we understand the value of a strong education. That is why in 2017 for the first time weج¢‰âآ‰م¢re going to be offering an annual $500 medical themed scholarship to students of all majors, in a college. The deadline will be October 31st each year.The scholarship will be a video submission, weج¢‰âآ‰م¢re looking for short 2 minute video that focuses on being entertaining, creative and innovative. The medical field is seldom referred as a fun profession ج¢‰âآ‰غد so letج¢‰âآ‰م¢s change that! We want to up the FUN quotient by evaluating the video submissions for the scholarship on these qualities.The topic of the video submissions for 2017 will be: Tell (or enact for us) what super power you would love to have and how you would use it to help create better health in all people!